Smart City 2019

Current A² Programme

Smart City 2019

Smart cities, smart buildings, smart construction: opportunities of digital change

Like many other large cities in the world, Berlin faces great challenges: the city is growing, becoming more densely populated and has an ageing population. Berlin is undergoing profound structural changes. The city of the future will be an intelligent city – a smart city. Smart technology will play a major part in confronting the ecological, social, economic and cultural challenges of growing metropolitan areas and in finding comprehensive, interdisciplinary solutions.

Our A² programme  wants to make a start where future innovation is visible today: energy, smart buildings, communication, IT and security. The Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof offers start-ups the unique opportunity to test LPWAN-based applications together with our programme’s industrial partners. Berlin Adlershof boasts its own water, wastewater, gas and electricity grid, which is an ideal “micro-urban laboratory” for testing smart city applications. The focus will be on sensor technology.

A² Accelerator Smart City
Key Areas:

_Data security
_Smart Grids
_Internet of things

_Artifical intelligence
_Data analysis
_Electric engineering
_Smart buildings
_Big Data

_Renewable energy
_Clean tech
_Cyber Security
_Smart measuring technology
_Sensor technology/

_Environmental monitoring
_Communications technology
_Smart Infrastructure
_Transport & logistics



No applications are currently possible for the A² programme.

Industrial Partner

If you are an established company in the field of energy, transport, water/waste water, waste disposal, housing industry and deal with Smart City solutions, then get in touch with us.

Partners of the A² Programme 2019

The Industrial Partners

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Blockheizkraftwerks- Träger- und Betreibergesellschaft mbH Berlin (BTB)

With a team of 100 employees and 55 million euros annual turnover, BTB is one of Berlin’s largest energy providers. The company finances, builds, and operates energy supply facilities, district heating systems, and decentral facilities for individual and tailored energy supply.

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Wirtschaftsbetriebe Duisburg (WBD)

The Network Partners

Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne)

Energy, heat, mobility. The energy market is becoming renewable and electric. Our members are fully committed to this process. Together, we are paving the way for new business models.

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Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN)

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Eco Innovation Alliance (EIA)

A² Innovationprogramme, Accelerator Berlin, Netzwerkpartner, Logo: Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA)

Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA)

Berlin Innovation Agency (BIA) develops Training & Innovation programs for medium and large-sized companies. BIA is the main initiator of the Smart City Hub in Berlin.


The Coaching Partners

PwC PricewaterhouseCoopers

Osborne Clarke

Start-ups of the A² Programme 2019