The company

WISTA Management GmbH, a state-run company in Berlin, is an experienced business promoter, site developer, and service provider.

As an initiator and economic catalyst, WISTA strengthens the economic foundation of the German capital on the interface of research and industry. WISTA builds, operates, and lets out technology centres in addition to selling leasehold properties. Above all, it supports new businesses, brings together research and industry, and fosters national and international cooperation.

This is how we foster growth in Berlin’s economy:

We are pioneers

– and have been for 30 years. On 12 March 1991, an agreement was signed to create an “integrated landscape of research and industry” in Adlershof. That same year, WISTA was founded in September. Its mission: Creating the conditions for cooperation between research and industry to create innovative companies and help them grow.

We have a fine intuition

If like us you are operating on the interface of public policy and administration with business and research, it requires some finesse, and a clear view of what companies need now and in the future. Our actions are always geared towards long-term success.

Our focus is on a knowledge-based economy and on sustainable economic growth in Berlin

For this reason, we bring together research and industry and are fully committed to transferring knowledge from science and research into businesses.

Berlin has a science landscape that is globally unique

We are contributing to the creation of innovative products and services based on scientific findings. It is our goal to establish Berlin as one of the most appealing locations in Europe for innovation, research, and development.

We are confronting the great challenges of our time

We want to contribute to tackling them in the future (such as climate change and the environment). To this end, we do not limit ourselves to stimulating the regional economy but also want to address broader issues – for research, development, products, and services.

Fact Sheet

Icon: building    Legal entity: Limited liability company

Icon: start    Founded: 1991

Icon: position    Headquarters: Berlin Adlershof

Icon: hierarchy    Management: Roland Sillmann

Icon: people    Staff: > 60