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codary closes €3.5 million seed to teach kids coding in a gamified way

Speedinvest leads the round with participation from specialized edtech funds and angels:

Berlin edtech company codary successfully closed its seed funding with €3.5 million. The leading investor is Speedinvest, one of the most active seed investors of European tech unicorns. Furthermore, the edtech…


TIWARI becomes part of 3DCeram Sinto

Tiwari Scientific Instrument was created in 2019 within the ESA (European Space Agency) ecosystem and is based in Adlershof. Now, the company has become a part of 3DCeram Sinto – one of the market leaders for the…


Early practice

The start-up codary makes programming child's play:

Computers have become an integral part of our lives. They can be found on our desks, in our pockets, cars, and wrists, and act as televisions and game consoles. The new world is digital. If you know how to code just a…


For a healthier working environment

The start-up DearEmployee analyses the company culture and derives recommendations for action:

More and more companies are committed to creating healthier working conditions – faced with a shortage of skilled workers, they do so also to remain attractive. The Berlin-based start-up DearEmployee offers an ideal…


The perfect wave

SURF ERA is bringing the ocean into the city:

“I'm just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.” This quote is attributed to Jack O’Neill, who was not only a passionate surfer from the Santa Cruz area in California but also a…


CHIC start-up develops history lesson of the future

The Historicity agency wants to use playful learning to teach about history:

The aim is to inspire new users for historic content by using apps and tablets. The two founders agree that good storytelling helps to make knowledge stick. The young boy with the messy red hair is a bit cheeky. But…


Ride Sharing Revival via App

Test project in Adlershof starting in mid-June / Bonus for residents and employees:

Everyone who drives to work in Adlershof knows the chaotic traffic situation in the morning: long traffic jams and no free parking spaces. When you look around, you quickly notice that there is often just one person…


Opening of the AdMaLab at IRIS Adlershof

The incubator programme for materials science start-ups encourages interdisciplinary cooperation:

On 12 May 2022, representatives of INAM e.V. and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin welcomed numerous guests from business, politics, research and teaching to the opening event of the incubator programme “AdMaLab – The…


Founder, not professor

Ingenious synthesis by GenoSynth:

When things get really complicated and customer from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry need synthesis of highly complex molecules or optimisation of elaborate processes, GenoSynth offers tailored solutions.…


Smart cushions

VISSEIRO GmbH is realising sensor systems for vital data monitoring at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre:

Based at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre, VISSEIRO GmbH is realising sensor systems to monitor vital data that can be integrated into seat cushions and mattresses. Having recently grown to a staff of 12, the…


Video patient education before the op

The start-up medudoc is developing a platform for customisable explainer videos that visualise the most common operations in short sequences:

The medudoc Group creates explainer videos that provide patients with well-founded information about the process and possible risks of medical procedures. The team is growing and on course for more…


It felt like point zero

Production company “Filmgarnitur” realises creative and very personal projects:

Sven Michael Otto and Christoph Rohrscheidt founded the production company “Filmgarnitur” just before the pandemic. Looking back, it was a great chance for creative and very personal projects. Sometimes life just…


Peppermint Group takes stake 
 in new R3 Solutions

Together they want to further advance industrial real-time wireless networking:

Highly available and fast-response wireless technologies are an indispensable core component of the further automation of industry and the Industrial Internet of Things. With EchoRing from R3, such a technology is…


Adlershof at work: Dr. Anton Nagy, founder and CEO of ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH

#RoleModelsAdlershof in English this August:

They are the drivers, hearts, and minds of our Technology Park – our #RoleModelsAdlershof. In our August edition, we speak to Dr. Anton Nagy, the CEO of ILS - Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH, which performs simulation,…


German Contech Champion Sablono raises EUR 5.3M Series A investment by Thomas Bachmaier

The funding will be used to further expand the Next-Gen Lean Construction platform:

Sablono, the market leader for digital lean technology for construction enterprises, has raised €5.3M Series A to accelerate international growth and execute on their first-to-market advantage to establish Sablono as…

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