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02. June 2022

Ride Sharing Revival via App

Test project in Adlershof starting in mid-June / Bonus for residents and employees

Just a few clicks away from your trip with cityhitcher. Photo: company

Everyone who drives to work in Adlershof knows the chaotic traffic situation in the morning: long traffic jams and no free parking spaces. When you look around, you quickly notice that there is often just one person in most cars. Many thousands of people drive the same route to Adlershof alone practically at the same time every day. By the way, all cars in the whole of Germany together cover a total distance of 25 billion kilometers every day. That's 5 times to the sun and back! CO2 emissions in the transport sector are still far too high despite the increasing number of electric cars and at the same time we are currently seeing the highest gasoline prices ever.

CityHitcher is a ride-sharing app for short distances

The Berlin-based startup aims to provide an innovative, sustainable and practical solution to these traffic problems. With just a few clicks, users can spontaneously or in advance enter their journey, whether as a driver or a passenger. The app automatically finds the best combinations for carpooling in real time and directly determines the optimal meeting point as well as the cost sharing. Payment is made conveniently via the app. Users can thus significantly reduce their travel costs and actively contribute to reducing traffic congestion and CO2 emissions.

Of course, public transport users can also find rides via the app. Adlershof is already very well connected to public transport, but many S-Bahn and BVG customers would certainly like to have a guaranteed seat now and then and get to work directly without having to change trains.

WISTA Management GmbH is actively supporting this project

In mid-June, CityHitcher will begin a pilot project at the Adlershof Technology Park. For all those interested who live or work in Adlershof, there will be a starting credit so that the first trips are free of charge.

More information about the company can be found at: