Adlershof Founder's Lab

Application procedure and requirements for the Adlershof Founder’s Lab

Who may apply?

  • Founding teams consisting of a minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 3 people are eligible for funding
  • Founders with an academic background and a college degree
  • A maximum of 1 team member per team may accepted without a college degree if they can present relevant work experience of at least 5 years
  • Team members cover relevant interdisciplinary technical and economic professional skills
  • The founders’ place of residence (registered address of the main residence) should be Berlin
  • Potential beneficiaries shall also be the key personnel during the start-up phase, business model development, product development, and, later, management of the company
  • Business model and the resulting company are geared towards economic success and the commercial exploitation of the business idea
  • Important: Founders who have been funded through an EXIST founder’s grant / EXIST research transfer grant, or other business founder’s grant aimed providing a livelihood are not eligible for funding and may not participate in the project (Team members must declare not to have received other founder’s grants upon applying)
  • Adlershof Founder’s Lab comprises a full-time basis scholarship (40 hour / week) and a minimum of 20 hours attendance at the co-working space IM.PULS
  • Please note: the Gründerwerkstatt Adlershof is a German-language support programme. Sufficient knowledge of German is required for participation, all events will be held in German. Application and pitch are also possible in English.

For more information, please browse the German version.


Gründungswerkstatt Adlershof
WISTA Management GmbH

Rudower Chaussee 17
12489 Berlin