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Coworking für Geflüchtete in Berlin Adlershof. Bild: ©WISTA Management GmbH


Information and Services for Refugees

WISTA sets up free coworking-space in Adlershof:

Since 2015, companies and institutions in the Berlin Adlershof Science and Technology Park have been committed to integrating refugees into the job- and education market.  Immigrants, refugees, and people seeking protection...

Axel Gutzmer © WISTA Management GmbH


In conversation with Axel Gutzmer

The trained plumbing and heating installer and graduate facility manager supervises two technology centres in the fields of biotechnology and environmental technology in Adlershof:

As the head of the two Centres of Biotechnology and the Environment, Axel Gutzmer is responsible for a total of 80 companies with around 1,000 employees who work in the fields of medicine/biomedicine, pharmaceutics,...

Cover Adlershof Journal Mai/Juni 2022


Adlershof Journal May/June 2022

It’s magic! Fascinating biotechnology:

The healing effect: What biotechnology can achieve //  reCOVer: BMBF project tests a substance against Long Covid // Sensitive work: Healthcare marketing by PEIX

Stephan Schäfer (l.) mit Studierenden © Britta Radike / HTW Berlin


“Homo digitalis” or Having fun at work

Stephan Schäfer, professor of automation technology at HTW Berlin, talks about the human-machine partnership:

Humans have been living with machines for centuries. These partnerships – everyone seems to agree – will become deeper, more substantial, and more comprehensive than ever before in future. Data, processing power, and...

Kristian Prins von VISSEIRO mit smartem Kissen © WISTA Management GmbH


Smart cushions

VISSEIRO GmbH is realising sensor systems for vital data monitoring at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre:

Based at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre, VISSEIRO GmbH is realising sensor systems to monitor vital data that can be integrated into seat cushions and mattresses. Having recently grown to a staff of 12, the company...

Curamatik-Gründer Sebastian Ahrndt © WISTA Management GmbH


Software for the healthcare sector

Curamatik GmbH from the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre offers digital support for health issues:

Anyone seeking information on health issues today typically does more than simply asking doctors and pharmacists. In the era of smartphones and the internet, the range of digital tools has grown rapidly in the past few years...

PK Siemens Mobility Berlin Adlershof


Siemens Mobility to relocate its Berlin Treptow branch to the Adlershof science and technology park

Siemens Mobility is moving its development and production site from Treptow to Berlin Adlershof. A modern, new building is being constructed at Germany’s biggest science and technology park on Wagner-Régeny-Strasse in...

Schriftzug: Adlershof. Science at work. © WISTA Management GmbH


Berlin Adlershof: Facts and Figures

The Berlin Adlershof Science City is one of the most successful high-technology sites in Germany and Berlin’s largest media location – embedded in an integrated urban planning concept. It is home to 1,187 companies and...

Adlershof Journal März/April 2022: Cover


Adlershof Journal March/April 2022

Everything remains changed … and we remain flexible:

The occupational psychologist: How healthy is your job? // Hidden joy, sorrow halved: What's behind the mask? // Before the op: Video patient education by medudoc

O. Aktas, A. Sarauer, H.-H. Bode © WISTA Management GmbH


Digital, diverse, and integrated

Diversity in two exciting digital tools:

Diversity in two exciting digital tools: Open Deutsch, based at the Charlottenburg Innovation Centre (CHIC), combines learning German with integration. Inclusify is also a digital tool. Developed by the Federal Institute for...


Tue 24 May

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WISTA auf der Hannover Messe Messegelände, 30521 Hannover

Tue 31 May

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Wed 15 Jun

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Thu 16 Jun

13.00 - 14.00 Faszientraining Pfarrer-Goosmann-Str. 11, 12489 Berlin
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Thu 16 Jun

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Wed 22 Jun

16.30 - 19.00 Treffpunkt WISTA: Biotechnologie & Umwelt Volmerstraße 9, 12489 Berlin
Zentrum für Biotechnologie und Umwelt (ZBU 1), Foyer

Wed 29 Jun

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Wed 24 Aug

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