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Beate Mekiffer © WISTA Management GmbH


The minus sign represents something positive

In conversation with Beate Mekiffer, who coordinates innovation projects at WISTA Management GmbH:

To Beate Mekiffer, the minus sign represents something positive. For eleven years now, WISTA Management GmbH’s energy expert has been working on making the high-tech site Adlershof more energy efficient. She does so on the...

L. Becker mit Sensor © WISTA Management GmbH


Smart on the road

The Technology Park manages its sustainable growth with a mobility concept:

The technology campus is growing steadily. But so are the problems with traffic. Using a smart mobility concept, WISTA now plans to turn the wheel to help the site to grow sustainably for the benefit of its staff, residents,...

Martin Will und Marcel Linke, WISTA.Service © WISTA Management GmbH


Digital processes

A WISTA facilities manager shows us what the new world of work looks like:

WISTA.Service GmbH looks after around 100 buildings with a combined floor space of several 100,000 square metres, including the most cutting-edge science institutes and technology centres that feature sophisticated building...

Cover Adlershof Journal Sep/Okt 21


Adlershof Journal September/October 2021

Mobility, climate, health: It’s in our hands:

Smart diagnostics: Revolutionising infrared lasers // River water and deep storage: Making energy supply greener // Robots in care: HU research project

FUBIC © WISTA Management GmbH/Visualisation: Heinle, Wischer und Partner, Freie Architekten


Heating with electricity – FUBIC will be a ‘lighthouse’ project for the Energiewende

In the future innovation centre, offices, labs, and co-working spaces will be supplied with climate-neutral electricity:

The FUBIC innovation centre is currently being built in Berlin-Dahlem. It will be one of the first electricity-only technology quarters in Germany. The ambitious project will also serve as a blueprint for building further...

Illu Energie Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH


United for more energy efficiency

EU project funds networks promoting energy saving in Adlershof:

There’s no alternative to saving more energy—for economic as well as ecological reasons. The harmful effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident in the form of heat waves, melting arctic ice, or dangerous...


Adlershof at work: Dr. Anton Nagy, founder and CEO of ILS-Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH

#RoleModelsAdlershof in English this August:

They are the drivers, hearts, and minds of our Technology Park – our #RoleModelsAdlershof. In our August edition, we speak to Dr. Anton Nagy, the CEO of ILS - Integrated Lab Solutions GmbH, which performs simulation, design,...

Adlershof Journal Cover


Adlershof Journal July/August 2021

Times are changing. For the better. We are becoming truly sustainable.:

Green pollutant filters: Useful algae // Environmentally friendly construction: Energy-efficient buildings // Cooperative shopping: Berlin's first hands-on supermarket

Magdalena Matheis © WISTA Management GmbH


She is not only passionate about sustainability issues, she lives them

In conversation with Magdalena Matheis, who is pushing green issues forward at WISTA Management GmbH:

Magdalena Matheis is a staunch vegan, Adlershof’s health ambassador, an adherent to minimalist lifestyles, and a volunteer. Two year ago, the 36-year-old started to push forward green issues at WISTA Management GmbH. Since...

Cover Adlershof Journal Mai/Juni 2021


Adlershof Journal May/June 2021

Good news: our science community is not running out of ideas:

New reality: unusual avenues in public relations //   Visual surprises: commercials from Angry Hamster film //   Meatball from the bioreactor: mushroom-based meat alternatives //

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