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Adlershof Journal März/April 2021. Cover


Adlershof Journal March/April 2021

How time flies… The Technology Park is turning 30:

There's still room for development: 30 isn't old! // How to succeed: Starting a business – then and now // “Cardboardience” instead of audience: Rost Werbetechnik produces the row fillers //

FMB-Chef Uwe Schneck © WISTA Management GmbH


All grown up: the Technology Park Adlershof turns 30

An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager take a look back and a look ahead:

Has it really been 30 years?! Yes, indeed. The science and business location Adlershof is having a milestone birthday in March. An entrepreneur, a scientist, and a project manager from Adlershof look back, take stock, and...

Adlershof Journal Cover 01/2021


Adlershof Journal January/February 2021

Waiting is not our thing: With new ideas into 2021:

Cover story: Two couraging stories from Adlershof returners //  A bold start: what drives prospective business founders //  Breaking down walls: tracking down cancer cells and protecting magnesium //  The octave magician: on...

Tobias Kirschnick © WISTA Management GmbH


New formats for the exchange with start-ups

The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the work of start-up and innovation centres:

These are turbulent, crazy times. Rarely has an issue dominated all areas of work and life as much as the coronavirus. Start-ups and other developing companies are being hit particularly hard by the resulting restrictions....

Florian Berg und Julius Wiesenhütter im WISTA-Coworking-Space © WISTA Management GmbH


A bold start – despite COVID-19

What drives prospective business founders – two teams from the Adlershof Founder’s Lab report:

Making the step to start a company requires courage, even when things are normal. What drives prospective founders to take the step during the epidemic year 2020? – two teams from the Adlershof Founder’s Lab report It’s...

Adlershof Journal Nov/Dez 2020: Cover


Adlershof Journal November/December 2020

Art, food and culture: Discover the unknown side of the Science City:

Discover the possibilities! An expedition through Adlershof // The magic of transience: exploring the charm of forgotten places // New headquarters of the machine building company Jonas & Redmann // An era of side...

Roland Sillmann © WISTA Management GmbH


“We are well-experienced”

Roland Sillmann, head of WISTA Management GmbH, about the skilled trades and high-tech, workshops versus working-from-home, and the “Gewerbehof 2.0”:

Berlin is characterised as a city for tech and start-ups. When and why did Berlin rediscover the skilled trades? When you’re promoting technology centres, you need good suppliers and skilled manufacturers. For this, skilled...

Steffen Klingler, KOP © Thomas Kiess


The building as an energy cell

Modular, climate-positive, digitally connected, and recyclable: an architectural and energetic prototype for skilled trade hubs:

In addition to being places that generate creative and productive energy, modern skilled trade hubs in cities will also produce physical energy. This is about self-sufficiency as well as connectivity – within buildings and...


Gewerbehöfe 2.0 – where will they be built?

TU students conduct feasibility study for developing local hubs for skilled trade businesses in Berlin:

Berlin needs these revived local hubs for skilled trade businesses. But what is going on there? A team of students at Technical University Berlin conducted a feasibility study under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Lech Suwala. The...

Adlershof Journal September/Oktober 2020


Adlershof Journal September/October 2020

Staying in touch: networking in an era of social distancing:

Regional and digital: Mixed Reality for Business // Healthy in Adlershof: From company relay race to reflection workshop // Leading the charge: Environmentally friendly corporate fleets //

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