Cooperation projects are part of the Campus Adlershof DNA: Managers of the operating company WISTA consider themselves as architects of proximity

13. April 2018

Cooperation projects are part of the Campus Adlershof DNA

Managers of the operating company WISTA consider themselves as architects of proximity

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Initiating, forging, and supporting cooperation projects is an essential ingredient of WISTA-MANAGEMENT GMBH’s contribution to the Adlershof recipe for success. “We are not only a site operator and property manager, we’re also a dedicated networker and business promoter,”explained Jan-Juan Hiemer, Divisional Head of WISTA Business Support. This is not self praise, but experienced reality, which is also reflected in the 2017 annual survey of the actors in the Science and Technology Park. According to this, 78 percent of the companies are cooperating with at least one other on site, nearly 43 percent with at least one non-university research institute, and 25 percent with an institute of Humboldt University of Berlin. Also 76 percent of Media City companies and almost 60 percent of industry and services practise networking with partners on the site.

“Networking of companies and scientific institutions plays a major role at a high tech location like Berlin Adlershof,” stressed WISTA Managing Director Roland Sillmann at the evening of contacts intended to network setups: an event typical of the Campus. For instance, WISTA Business Support organises pitching events where companies can initiate cooperation projects. The A² Accelerator cooperation programme pairs up to six industrial partners with startups. Hiemer explained the effect: “By collaborating with experienced industrial companies on joint pilot projects, startups can realise their business ideas while established companies gain access to new, innovative ideas, products, and solutions.”

WISTA’s internet-based cooperation portal, a kind of black-board for setups, companies, universities, and research institutes is also very helpful. “Our portal lets both new and established companies seek matching partners by offering their knowhow, finances, or equipment,” announce the WISTA doers. Together with IBB Business Team GmbH (IBT), a subsidiary of the Berlin investment bank IBB, WISTA also assists in financing issues. An example is the event “Financing the cooperation of business and science – Transfer BONUS and ProFIT project funding”, where participants can expand their horizons on the strength of best practice examples from the view of science and business – and, of course, familiarise themselves with funding options. The performance was a great success, reported Ines Kretschmar who was the coordinator and coinitiator of the event: “At least three companies would like to use the funds and submit an application. This shows us that we have the right offer for the Berlin innovation drivers and can provide them with appropriate support.” The grants are tempting, some as high as EUR 45,000. Further events of this kind at the WISTA setup centres are planned.

Christian Schäfer, Head of the DAAD Research and Studies Section, is hoping to join forces with WISTA towards intensifying further the exchange with top international scientists. Recently, Adlershof was visited by outstanding nano-scientists on their networking tour, and they were thrilled by the potential there. A great many contacts were forged: “A fruitful event that could be held more often,” wished Schäfer. The versatility and diversity embodied by the visiting group is also reflected in the potential for cooperation on the Campus.

By Chris Löwer for Adlershof Special