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Use this chance to kick-start your business idea!

WISTA Management GmbH has created the Adlershof Founder's Lab as a tool to enable young business founders to work on their business idea. We support 2-3 founders per team for a period of one year with 2,000 euros / month. In addition to financial support, our programme includes workshops and coaching on business-related topics.

Business founders benefit from the long-standing experience of our staff as part of our mentoring programme, including technology fields such as photovoltaics, renewable energies, photonics, optics, biotechnology, environmental technology, microsystems, materials, IT, and media.

On top of it all, every participant gets a free-of-charge dedicated desk at our in-house co-working space IM.PULS, which provides founders with all the relevant infrastructure right here on campus.

Technical and technology-focused teams geared towards sustainable economic success are eligible for funding.

The Team at the Adlershof Founder's Lab

Tobias Kirschnick, WISTA Management GmbH

Equipped with start-up experience, Tobias Kirschnick leads the project and supports the participants of the start-up workshop with his know-how.

Y. Plaschnick, WISTA Management GmbH

As an experienced project manager in the field of startup promotion, Yvonne Plaschnick coordinates the startup workshop.

Marina Salmon, WISTA Management GmbH

Marina Salmon is available to you as a project coordinator at the Gründungswerkstatt and the coworking space IM.PULS.

Our Mentors

Axel Gutzmer

Axel Gutzmer
Head of Center for Biotechnology and Environment

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Israel

Dipl.-Ing. Jörg Israel
Executive Manager Technology Centres and Incubators

Dr. Bernd Ludwig

Dr. Bernd Ludwig
Head of Center for Photonics and Optics

Dipl.-Ing. Susann Niemeyer

Dipl.-Ing. Susann Niemeyer
Head of IT and Media Center

Your desk at the co-working space IM.PULS

Every participant of the Adlershof Founder’s Lab gets a free dedicated desk located in the semi-basement of the WISTA building, which includes free paper, hot drinks, and Wi-Fi. The co-working space IM.PULS is equipped with modern desks, private ‘think tanks’ and a meeting room in a light-filled environment across 550 sqm. In addition to comfort while you’re working, IM.PULS also boasts colourful seats and lounges to mingle and relax. Meet with others over a hot drink or a warm lunch in the fully equipped kitchenette.



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Marina Salmon
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Yvonne Plaschnick
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Quantune-Gründerteam © WISTA Management GmbH
Smart diagnostics
Quantune Technologies are revolutionising the use of infrared lasers © WISTA Management GmbH
Artificial intelligence for a successful energy transition
Data-driven risk assessment offered by aims at paving the way to a hundred-percent self-sufficiency with green electricity
Messgerät LuQY Pro © QYB Quantum Yield Berlin
Faster development of efficient solar cells and LEDs thanks to LuQY Pro
HZB spin-off QYB Quantum Yield Berlin is launching a measurement instrument for optimising optoelectronic components
Benjamin Herzog, Solaga © WISTA Management GmbH
The air cleaner
Benjamin Herzog is building green air pollution filters in Adlershof
SuperCoop-Berlin-Team © WISTA Management GmbH
Berlin’s first hands-on supermarket
The Adlershof Founder's Lab jump starts SuperCoop Berlin
Mini-Gewächshäuser © PlattenBaum
Growing communities and vegetables
Feeding cities sustainably and strengthening social cohesion – that's what PlattenBaum UG is planning