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Our recipe for success for start-ups and grown-ups

Access start-ups directly. Access established companies directly. Jointly develop new solutions and business models. Tap into new markets. Increase your speed and efficiency. These are the goals of our A² programme. WISTA Management GmbH organises the whole A² programme from A to Z, while our start-ups and industrial partners focus on their business. Just the way it should be.

Why choose us?

  • Because we have more than 20 years’ worth of experience of working with start-ups and have an extensive network.
  • Because we have very good contacts to established companies.
  • Because we have successfully organised several accelerator programmes.
  • Because we are 100% neutral as a 100% subsidiary of the State of Berlin.
  • Because we focus on maintaining the balance between start-ups and established companies.

A² Programme: Smart City

Participants of the A² programme will deal with all the critical issues specific to their product, their company, and their respective industry in thematic sessions. The programme strikes a careful balance between theory, practice and networking, ensuring that there is enough time to take care of everyday business. The programme aims at enabling participants to apply the learned know-how to their own product, or service, and to improve it continuously in cooperation with their mentors and industrial partners.

From theory to practice: what our partners are saying

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A² Highlights

Dynamism meets experience:

Innovative start-ups and established companies successfully collaborate in the A² Adlershof programme

Finding a parking spot with an app, documenting a house’s mains connections using a smartphone, testing the functionality of your home’s heating with a camera, or checking whether the waste at recycling locations...
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Everything flows:

The start-up dive solutions uses new algorithms to simulate currents, ensuring clear drainpipes and friction-less gear transmission

An oily-looking, auburn liquid drips off a turning gear wheel, fills the gaps between the cogs, and then creates fierce splashes. In another video, blue liquid flows into a container. When it reaches the tight outlet,...
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Adlershof’s accelerator programme A² supports the development of start-ups:

A Bavarian start-up teamed up with a Berlin-based energy provider on a project towards the digitisation of district heating data

The “A² Adlershof Accelerator-Programm Berlin” made it possible for a Bavarian start-up and a Berlin-based energy provider to come together to work on a project towards the digitisation of district heating data. A²...
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A² Accelerator Berlin is one of Germany’s top accelerators:

Start-ups evaluate their participation in accelerator programmes for a survey of the University of Applied Sciences Cologne

A study carried out by the University of Applied Sciences Cologne for the first time surveyed 110 start-up entrepreneurs, who had taken part in accelerator programmes, as well as operators, investors, and managers of...
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A² Accelerator kicking off with fresh ideas for future smart cities:

At the Technology Park Adlershof, the start-ups of A² are realising pilot projects with renowned industrial partners

The “A² Adlershof Accelerator ‘Smart City’” is kicking off on 23 August 2018. Five young companies - AR4 GmbH (Graz), Breeze Technologies UG (Hamburg), dive solutions GmbH (Berlin), M2MGo GmbH (Berlin), S O NAH UG...
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Adlershof Accelerator Smart City 2018 kicks off with a Pitching Day:

Participants presented innovative ideas for energy, smart buildings, communication, IT, and security

Fifteen teams got together for the A² Accelerator Smart City pitch at Forum Adlershof on 12 June 2018. Their goal was to put their ideas out to the innovation scouts as well as representatives of the industry and...
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A² Accelerator – The best of two worlds:

Startups have new ideas, established firms experience. A2 Adlershof Accelerator brings them together. This programme offers them a unique platform for the joint development of pilot projects. This year, A² will be...
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A² Accelerator enters its 3rd round:

The topic is “Smart City

The A² Adlershof Accelerator is entering its third round. This time the topic is “Smart City”. We are looking for start-ups, who are working specifically on smart city issues, on the interface of such issues, or on...
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2019 – A² Smart City Booklet
Teams, partners, results and outlook of the Adlershof start-up coaching programme