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Edition 05/2020: CleanTech Business Park Marzahn


Nadja Zivkovic © WISTA


Once a drain field, now a location creating future innovation

Nadja Zivkovic, district councillor for business, roads, and parks in Berlin’s Marzahn-Hellersdorf district, on the plans for the CleanTech Business Park Marzahn (CBP):

When you think of Marzahn, do you think of 1970s concrete panel buildings and ageing residents? Nadja Zivkovic: These are but some of the stereotypes one can have of Marzahn. Those who know Marzahn-Hellersdorf slightly...

Jens Hilpert, FLEXIM © WISTA


A keen ear for all that flows

FLEXIM GmbH from Marzahn is market leader in the field of non-invasive flow measurement using ultrasound:

When it comes to high-precision ultrasonic flow measurements, FLEXIM Flexible Industriemesstechnik GmbH is in the international top league. Since it was founded thirty years ago, the Marzahn-based company grew from four to...

Michael Konrad, Kapp Niles © WISTA


In high gear

Kapp Niles, machine manufacturer in Marzahn, is looking forward to new arrivals in the CleanTech Business Park:

CleanTech Business Park Marzahn (CBP) is a delicate plant that is only just beginning to thrive. But the seed was planted in fertile ground. Not only because clean future technologies are created here, but because the...


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