Innovation Campus Dahlem

Innovation Campus Dahlem

FUBIC (Business and Innovation Center next to Freie Universität Berlin Campus) is currently being developed on an area in Berlin’s South West in direct vicinity to Free University Berlin (FUB). The future Innovation Campus surrounding the Innovation Centre will be home to technology-driven start-ups and young companies from the fields of the life sciences, the healthcare industry, and computer technology.

The heart of FUBIC — the new Innovation Centre and former US military hospital on Fabeckstrasse in Berlin Dahlem — will attract up to 80 start-ups. The entire campus’s infrastructure as well as the FUBIC building are being developed with funding from the Joint Federal/Länder Task for the Improvement of Regional Economic Structures (GRW).

Location Advantages

(1) Inspiring neighbourhood

The scientific environment of Dahlem make FUBIC an ideal location for knowledge-based start-ups and university spin-offs. In addition to Free University, the neighbourhood boasts numerous renowned non-university research facilities such as the Max Planck Institutes, the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), or Zuse Institute Berlin.

(2) Ideal conditions for start-ups

Start-ups can hit the ground running at FUBIC Innovation Centre thanks to a perfect infrastructure and state-of-the-art technical equipment at a great price.

(3) Ideal conditions for established companies

Several other buildings will be developed on the FUBIC Campus enabling companies to work in an innovative environment.

Technology Fields

Icon: Life sciences    Life sciences

Icon: Healthcare industry    Healthcare industry

Icon: Information technology    Information technology

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