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“Everybody feels more comfortable”

How diversity impacts on a positive company culture:

A stronger focus on diversity can be fruitful for an entire company. Two companies, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, have also experienced this, albeit in different ways. Jennifer…


Meet your prejudice

Employees of WISTA Management GmbH met people who share their experiences with prejudice and social exclusion:

For its work in site development and business promotion, WISTA Management GmbH (WISTA) relies on a diverse team, coexistence and tolerance, and the individual development of its staff. This process is supported by the…


The Adlershof–Lusatia Future Corridor

The future of work is being developed along transport axes that reach far into Brandenburg:

High cost of living, congested streets, and the home-working trend: These are but three of the factors that have helped along an idea in Adlershof that could soon catch on elsewhere. Its name: Innovation corridors.…


A future made of light

“iCampus Cottbus”, a project supporting structural economic change in Lusatia, will create many advantages for Adlershof:

The region was once the pacemaker of East Germany: There was a time when 200 million tons of coal were produced in Lusatia. A livelihood for about 100,000 people. Coal mining will be coming to an end in Lusatia by…


Strategies against stress in work and traffic

Interview with Ralf Blank, project manager at the Adlershof Health Network:

Countless workers commute day by day. We asked Ralf Blank, project manager at the Adlershof Health Network, what that means for the Technology Park—a place where 22,000 people work and rising—and how the insights…


Fast, faster, Adlershof!

The Technology Park is on the way to becoming the best-connected place within a 1,000 kilometre radius. This will soon include an exclusive 5G campus network that will create some crucial benefits. :

This is where future is made. And it could not be made without high bandwidth, robust connections, and little to no latency. In short: it could not be made without 5G. The newest mobile network generation.…


Exhibitions, workshops, and a job fair – the Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg in Adlershof

In addition to online events, 2021 welcomed back people meeting at face-to-face events :

Photons are massless. They are the smallest possible package of energy of any electromagnetic radiation. Due to their properties as light quanta, their name comes from the Greek work “phos” for “light”. Today, photons…


It’s all about content

Conventions, the congress service of WISTA Management GmbH, gives events in Adlershof a new profile:

The Science and Technology Park has been busy tightening its brand focus. Appearance, content, message. WISTA Management GmbH’s conference service, too, has received an update. Under the new name, Conventions, it not…


Heating with electricity – FUBIC will be a ‘lighthouse’ project for the Energiewende

In the future innovation centre, offices, labs, and co-working spaces will be supplied with climate-neutral electricity:

The FUBIC innovation centre is currently being built in Berlin-Dahlem. It will be one of the first electricity-only technology quarters in Germany. The ambitious project will also serve as a blueprint for building…


United for more energy efficiency

EU project funds networks promoting energy saving in Adlershof:

There’s no alternative to saving more energy—for economic as well as ecological reasons. The harmful effects of climate change are becoming increasingly evident in the form of heat waves, melting arctic ice, or…


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