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Cassantec System Block Diagram


Hitachi uses advanced prognostic algorithms of Cassantec AG

Hitachi Power Solutions launches “Prognostic Solution” to improve the prognostic accuracy of predictive diagnostics:

Hitachi Power Solutions Co. Ltd., (Hitachi Power Solutions) a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today announced that it launches “Prognostic Version” to help equipment operators optimize the Remaining...

Andreas Künzel


Avoiding bridge failures through prevention

The start-up Sensical seeks to use fibre-optical measurement technology to examine buildings and develop maintenance plans:

Forty-three people died when a bridge collapsed in Geneva in mid-August. A ruptured cable was the likely cause. In Germany, too, the bad condition of many bridges regularly makes the headlines. In Berlin, many busy streets...

Florian Bonanati von R3Coms bei der Preisverleihung


Wireless experts from R3Coms win the Fog Tank Award

EchoRing ™ system convinces the jury in San Francisco:

After this year’s hot spring that included winning the IEIC IoT Challenge in Shenzhen, China, R3 Communications (R3Coms) faces a variety of hot moments this fall – the first happened yesterday by winning another international...

Cyril Tuschi


A hero’s quest

Virtual reality worlds are interactive adventure stories for the whole family:

On Sophienstrasse, in the utmost centre of Berlin, there is a gate do a different world. An infinite number of worlds, to be precise. A head-high metal frame on a plywood pedestal, a fan and a smell generator on the wall is...

neurocat GmbH


More security for artificial intelligence

neurocat GmbH tricks self-learning systems and makes them more reliable:

The Adlershof-based neurocat GmbH increases the security of artificial intelligence applications. The company’s young team is leading efforts for developing the industry’s security standards – which it is pushing forward in...

BeamXpert: Guido Mann (l.) und Bernd Eppich


Designing laser systems made easy

The start-up BeamXpert and its software:

The Adlershof-based BeamXpert GmbH is developing software for real-time simulation of laser propagation in optical systems. It supports developers designing laser systems. Its two founders met at the Technical University...


Sugar-free fruit gum out of Adlershof

Sweets and candy for people with diabetes, diet-conscious parents and calorie-conscious adults:

Zveetz stands for zero sugar sweets. Zveetz are the brainchild of Christian Krause, an Adlershof-based business economist Christian Krause. They are the first fruit gums to use the natural sugar substitute erythritol as a...

Inga Bergen, magnosco


Kick the tires and light the fires

How Adlershof-based companies deal with the dry spells before regulatory approval for new medicine:

Obtaining approval for new products in medical technology can drag on. This can be life-threatening for business founders. How do Adlershof-based companies deal with these dry spells? Germs in hospital are becoming a serious...



Robust Immune Diagnostics

The young company Epimune GmbH is detecting immune diseases with epigenetic methods:

Epimune GmbH is a young Adlershof-based company. Yet, its developments in immune diagnostics are founded on established procedures. The start-up has its sights on inherited and acquired immune disorders and leukaemia. An...

Genetek: Riddhi Patel, Alexander Grail


Highly insightful genes

Start-up Genetek Biopharma is developing sets for DNA testing:

Doctors require suitable aids and appliances to detect hereditary diseases and genetic defects. The international start-up Genetek Biopharma is striving to fill that gap with its DNA testing sets. Moreover, the company is...


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