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Bild: Sablono


German Contech Champion Sablono raises EUR 5.3M Series A investment by Thomas Bachmaier

The funding will be used to further expand the Next-Gen Lean Construction platform:

Sablono, the market leader for digital lean technology for construction enterprises, has raised €5.3M Series A to accelerate international growth and execute on their first-to-market advantage to establish Sablono as the next...

© Nostos Genomics


Nostos Genomics enters into partnership with Genomenon

Jointly, the companies aim to accelerate the diagnosis of genetic diseases:

Nostos Genomics, a company based at the CHIC Charlottenburg Innovation Centre, announced a partnership with Genomenon, which includes integration of the Mastermind® Genomic Search Engine into the company’s cloud-based AION...

Team Angry Hamster © WISTA Management GmbH


Two movie buffs and a hamster do advertising

Explainer videos are more than moving-image manuals:

Size doesn’t matter according to Willi Haninger, CEO and creative producer at Angry Hamster UG. Haninger and his business partner Marina Izquierdo work with a team of ten freelancers. “Our strength is that we tend to be...

Wen-Min Ji, Gemma Benítez Terreu © WISTA Management GmbH


Graphic design solutions for humanities content

The Visualink editor from the Adlershof start-up Whim_GbR is a tool for creating digital charts to improve teaching:

Wen-Min Ji not only studied philosophy, biology, and architecture, but is also very good at drawing. Working as a student assistant at Humboldt-University’s philosophy institute, the 28-year-old used her talents to...

Workshop Kopfsachen e. V. © Nils Lucas


Researchers starting companies

Berlin pools its start-up activities in the Science & Startups network to promote science spin-offs:

The economic potential of science spin-offs is indisputable. Despite government incentives, however, their number remains comparatively low. Berlin is now pooling together all its start-up promotion activities in a network...

Rainer Hammerschmidt, Bestec GmbH © WISTA Management GmbH


Starting a business – then and now

What Bestec CEO Rainer Hammerschmidt can pass on to the team of the start-up JUNA:

Rainer Hammerschmidt was one of the first entrepreneurs of the Technology Park Adlershof. He enjoys passing on his experience to prospective business founders. Adlershof, thirty years ago. German reunification: Institutes...

xolo-Team im ZBU I © WISTA Management GmbH


Spooky materialisation where light beams meet

New processes from Adlershof-based xolo GmbH are revolutionising 3D printing:

The young Adlershof-based xolo GmbH is launching a novel 3D printing process. Their xolography is based on molecules that are fused to form high-precision components under the influence of light beams of different...

Tobias Kirschnick © WISTA Management GmbH


New formats for the exchange with start-ups

The coronavirus pandemic has also affected the work of start-up and innovation centres:

These are turbulent, crazy times. Rarely has an issue dominated all areas of work and life as much as the coronavirus. Start-ups and other developing companies are being hit particularly hard by the resulting restrictions....

Laura Bücheler mit Prototyp-Weste © WISTA Management GmbH


Science finds gold in every land

About two teams from the start-up mansion in Dahlem that translate scientific findings into products using AI:

An old German proverb says that a craft in hand finds gold in every land. At the start-up mansion in Dahlem, the teams of Nia Health GmbH and GHOST-feel it. GmbH are proving that the same goes for science. Both start-ups were...

3D-Modell für Zahnradgetriebe © 3YOURMIND


Using 3D printing effectively

3YOURMIND is one of today's leading providers of software solutions for industrial 3D printing:

From start-up to big player: 3YOURMIND offers software solutions for additive manufacturing. The company now had to leave the Charlottenburg Innovation Centre (CHIC). The Charlottenburg Innovation Centre (CHIC) is highly...


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