A Night of Discoveries: The Long Night of the Sciences is back on 15 June 2019

25. April 2019

A Night of Discoveries

The Long Night of the Sciences is back on 15 June 2019

LNdW Berlin Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH

LNdW in Berlin Adlershof © WISTA Management GmbH

Do you want to escape the bad air of the city? Why don’t you come to the Science City Adlershof on 15 June at 5pm and take part in the “smartest” night of the year? Come and take a deep breath. The young company Solaga for one use microalgae to produce highly efficient biofilters. Hang one of their green algae pictures in your office and they will give your grey walls superpowers. You can also check out how the geographers at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU) measure particulate pollution with their weather station. Bees love Adlershof, too. Gain some insight into their hive at the top of HU’s geographical institute. Once you’re there, you also get a great free view of all the plants in the Technology Park, which the city bees help pollinate.

Adlershof has a diverse programme in store for all guests who are hungry for knowledge: hunt cosmic ghost particles at the South Pole, nosh on some space ice, play with the randomiser, test your knowledge in the traffic transformation quiz, fly across the red planet, or listen to the music of the laser harp. Come and meet scientists, marvel at new products and technologies, experiment and peek at otherwise locked up labs.

Do you love exploring hidden places? Take a guided tour of our site and dive into its eventful history.  Visit the co-working space IM.PULS to find out more about the development of self-sufficient rafts, 3D-printed animal orthoses, or the communication architecture for lunar missions. The young scientists from the two schools Emmy-Noether and Heinrich-Hertz-Gymnasium also have some amazing projects lined up. Finally, there will be a “fuckup night” and a science slam.

For girls from 10-12th grade, there is a special tour (“Schülerinnen auf Tour”) to dive into the world of physics, chemistry, or robotics. Apply until 6 June 2019 via igafa@igafa.de to win of 16 free VIP tickets.

The complete programme can be viewed online on 9 May 2019 at: www.adlershof.de/lndw/