Online-Workshop: Yoga In The (Home) Office - Relaxed and energized at your desk

Online-Workshop: Yoga In The (Home) Office - Relaxed and energized at your desk

Thursday, 04. February 2021 // 11.15 - 11.45

Gesundheits­netzwerk Adlershof


Bild: © WISTA Management GmbH

Bild: © WISTA Management GmbH


Digital interactive

Focus: workplace transformation and work flexibility

Subject: Forward Bends - No yoga mat required

In order to stay relaxed, stretched and strengthened, even in times of the corona pandemic, the health network Adlershof (“Gesundheitsnetzwerk Adlershof”) offers the impulse workshop “Yoga In The (Home) Office - Relaxed and energized at your desk" (no yoga mat required). This workshop is intended to provide mental as well as physical balance to your often one-sided posture when working in front of the computer, to prevent stress-related poor posture and hopes to contribute to mental balance in the long term.

These yoga exercises are performed both sitting at the desk and partially standing. No sportswear is required, but it is advisable to wear comfortable rather than tight clothing during the yoga session.

In the current workshop we will concentrate on the topic of Forward Bends, which also symbolizes the subject of acceptance and dedication. The focus will be on relaxing and stretching the shoulder girdle and the lower the back as well as strengthening the center of the body and the legs. We will concentrate on the posture of the subject as well as actively practice muscular strengthening and stretching of the body parts mentioned above.

Language: English
Format: Video stream + Live-corrections
Conference tool: Zoom

Required equipment: Laptop with camera and microphone (tablets or smartphones are rather impracticable for various reasons, but would also be suitable to attend the workshop), a chair ideally without armrests, comfortable clothing

You will receive the access data for the webinar in good time before the start of the event by email.


Location: Web-based workshop


Your participation can be booked free of charge via the"Gesund & Clever" app.