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Are you an established company looking for fresh ideas and novel products?

Let our A² programme inspire you. Benefit from the creativity of the start-up scene. Work with young companies to create pilot projects and new business ideas. Our A² programmes are focused on specific industries. Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.


Yvonne Plaschnick
A²-Programm Berlin

Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin
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This is how it works

Our A² Acceleratoren Programmes, Innovation Programme, Berlin

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Contact us the A² Accelerator Team

Please contact us if we have sparked your interest

Informations to participat in the A² Accelerator Programm Berlin, Innovation Programme

You will receive detailed information on your participation in the programme during a face-to-face meeting

Find your A² Programme

You didn’t find a suitable topic but wish to participate in an A² programme? Please contact us. We will find a programme tailored to your needs.

What we offer

Suche nach Start-ups A² Accelerator Berlin


We find start-ups and young companies who meet your requirements


Bewerbungsprozess A² Accelerator Berlin


We organise the entire application process, including preselection


Pitching Day A² Accelerator Berlin

Pitching Day

We present the start-ups to you on Pitching Day


Begleitung A² Acceleratoren Berlin


We support you during the following selection process


Coaching A² Acceleratoren Berlin

Coaching & training

Organisation of a coaching and training programme


Unterstuetzung Industriepartner A² Acceleratoren Berlin


Continuous support of both sides (start-ups and established companies) for the duration of the programme


A² Programme: Smart City 2019

Smart City Programme