Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg

Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg

Montag, 04. Oktober 2021 - Donnerstag, 07. Oktober 2021

OpTecBB e.V, Cluster Photonics Berlin Brandenburg, Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg

Rudower Chaussee 17, 12489 Berlin

Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg 2021

Photonics – enabling technologies, still and now more than ever!

Berlin Brandenburg is one of the innovation hotspots in very diverse fields of Photonics, optics, microsystems technologies and quantum technologies. Berlin Brandenburg is also a start-up hotspot in digital and also photonics based technologies.

During this year’s Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg we want to discuss the latest tech developments, manufacturing and testing challenges and market opportunities with our Berlin and Brandenburg based companies and institutes, with colleagues in Germany and the international community. New challenges and coming breakthroughs in quantum technologies, integrated photonics and the integration of artificial intelligence in photonics are on the horizon of engineering and in industry.

With our 5th Photonics Days Berlin Brandenburg – International Innovation Conference we want to bring the regional and international photonics community together again – this year half online and half in presence/hybrid. Our goal is to connect participants from different sectors and regions, so that you can cooperate to innovate and create value for new Photonics-based value chains together.

If you are interested in sponsorship, please contact Dr. Frank Lerch.